What is Karaoke Box?

KTVA karaoke box is a common type of karaoke establishment commonly found in Asia. Karaoke boxes consist of multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment, rented out for time periods.

The term karaoke box(カラオケボックス) is primarily used in Japan. In China, karaoke box establishments are commonly known as KTV (an abbreviation of karaoke television), noraebang (노래방) in South Korea(literally meaning singing room).

KTV in Tempe AZ / Phoneix; Karaoke Box

August Karaoke Box MVP Studio


About August Karaoke Box

August Karaoke Box is the first professional Karaoke Box in Arizona offers over 150,000 song selections including: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese songs. New songs update EVERYDAY!

August Karaoke Box uses the latest Karaoke technology to insure the best karaoke experience: projectors, 50″ LED TVs, wireless microphones, 19″ touch screen system, state of the art vocal speaker, amplifier and mixer systems.

August Karaoke Box features seven(7) individual rooms and one(1) public stage.

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We are also accepting meeting or event reservation. Please contact our staff for more details.