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Grand Reopening 8/4/2013!

We are opening our door on August 4th! Come and check out our new system and renovation!

Also don’t miss the re-opening specials: Sing one hour and get one hour free coupon!

See you soon!

2nd Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Drawing Winners!!
2 Nights Las Vagas Hotel Stay: 
499468 Jason tsaiAugust Karaoke Box Gift Card: 
499466 Richard nguyen
499354 Yi ChenUSB Flash Drive: 
499316 Andy Adewsk
499360 Juhui Thorn
499452 Iohn Babbih

Jade House Chinese Restaurant Gift Card: 
499423 Lim Meng Shyan
499438 Megen Jola
499315 Dan moore

Taiwan Express Restaurant Gift Card:
499451 Paige Baker
499454 Zhan Shi
499314 Lindesay Nelson
499408 Shiyi Wang

Super L Market Gift Card:
499371 Tay Huee His
499349 Chlistine Manfin
499417 Erica Hervig
499436 Rachel pryce
499469 Miyuki Sawahara
499373 Ty Themas
499467 Maryam Tian

We will call and inform the winners in the following week. Thank you for all your support!

2nd Anniversary Celebration!
Join our 2nd Anniversary (3/8-3/24)好消息!Good News!
From now on, we will update the song inventory EVERYDAY! Let August Karaoke Box become the leader of pop karaoke!
Come and experience the newest and largest 140k song inventory!
We also upgraded the sound system. Come and enjoy the fantastic karaoke night!店庆大酬宾:Anniversary Celebration!

活动一:Event #1
3月8日-3月24日 来八月恋歌消费的顾客即享受会员同等待遇(不得与其他优惠同时使用):
During 3/8-3/24, all customers will be traded as our VIP member!(Can not be used with other coupons)

Happy Hour 全场8折!(周一到周四$12每人5个小时;周末$14.5每人5个小时)
Happy Hour: 20% off! (Mon-Thu $12 per person for 5 hours; Weekend $14.5 per person for 5 hours)

Regular Hour 所有包间 每人每小时减$1(每间房上限每小时减$10)
Regular Hour: minus $1 per person per hour (Max -$10 per room)

Original Members, with their membership card:

One FREE drink

活动二:Event #2
校内关注及分享八月恋歌公共主页 + FaceBook八月恋歌page点击Like并share,即可获得$5代金券一张!
Get $5 gift card by clicking “Like” and “Share” our Facebook Page!

活动三:Event #3
3月8日-3月24日 来八月恋歌消费的顾客即可参与抽奖,奖品丰富中奖几率大。
All customers during 3/8-3/24 will have the chance to win:

There will be 20 lucky customers

Las Vegas 2 night hotel stay
Jade House Chinese Food Gift Cards
Taiwan Express Gift Cards
Super L market Gift Cards
August Karaoke [...]

New Karaoke System

Newest and Coolest Karaoke System!
Let us introduce the whole new karaoke system in August Karaoke Box!!

So far the best and coolest karaoke system in the world!

Able to select interface languages.

New songs update everyday!

Come and check it out!