Private-Room Karaoke

Welcome to experience our unique Private-Room Karaoke that features seven (7) individual rooms and One (1) public stage.


Large Selection of Songs

We offer over 150,000 song selections including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese songs. New songs update EVERYDAY!

KTV AZ Karaoke

Karaoke in the Best Quality

Say goodbye to the boring lyrics on the screen and enjoy the ORIGINAL Music Videos with the best vocal sound system. And the latest 19” touch screen technology to insure you the best Karaoke experience.

Singing at August Karaoke Box Hall

Latest News

A MUST TRY (i know it sounds like commercial lol but it is NOT) my fds & i went to visit a buddy in AZ last week… i’d like to introduce this KTV more than anything else coz it really surprised us with its kindly service & great condition. …yes thank God, this KTV saved & lit up my first ever trip to AZ, and i will definitely go back there when i get a chance!!