Why would I want to rent a private room when I can sing at a Karaoke Bar for free?

  • You can have a good time just with your friends
  • In the room you don’t have to wait to sing
  • You don’t have to listen to songs you don’t like
  • You don’t have to share with other people
  • You can try songs you would never try on stage
  • You can mess up a song and no-one will ever know
  • You can practice the same song over and over
  • You can build your confidence up over time
  • You can express, dance or act all weird with no other people looking
  • Rooms are good for people with disabilities
  • You can rent the room for a private birthday party or celebration
  • You can have a kids party in the rooms
  • All the family can enjoy singing together
  • The karaoke rooms are open everyday, unlike the bar which only have the karaoke on certain times

How does the room timer work?

We do not start the timer until the orientation is finished. There is a one hour minimum charge. After that you are charged by the minute at the same hourly rate. 

Do you have a song book or song list?

We do not have a song book or song list since we have more than 150,000 songs. If we have a book that will be over 5,000 pages. You are welcome to come to our store and check out your songs from our touch screen system.

Some people in my party are not singing, do they have to pay?

We do not charge by each person. We charge the whole room at the end, so you can discuss how people want to pay between your party.

Can I bring food or drinks?

Yes. We are BYOB now. You can bring food or alcoholic drinks. We do not charge additional service fees.

How long do people usually stay in the rooms?

Most people stay around three hours, but we have had parties as long as six or seven hours. Generally, the more people who are in your party the longer you the party will last.

Do I need to have a minimum number of people to book a room?

No, we often have rooms rented by single people or couples. 

What size of room will we get?

Rooms are assigned according to the number of people in your party. If you have less than six people you will be given one of our smaller rooms. If you have a small party but would like a larger room we can upgrade you for an extra fee.

How do I choose songs?

You will be given a short orientation when you enter your room showing you how to operate
the karaoke system. 

Can I come by myself to practice?

Yes you can, except on Friday and Saturday nights, our busiest nights.
We also have recording facilities.

How do we pay?

Please pay on your way out. You will be charged for room rental, food and drink and any other items that you purchase. A 9% tax is added on to your check – feel free to add more to show your appreciation.

Do you have Asian songs?

Yes! We have Chinese,  Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino & Vietnamese songs

Do you sell or rent karaoke equipment or songs?

Sorry, we don’t.

Can I have my own DJ or host?

Yes we can! Please contact us to arrange the detail.